Deep Rose


Begonia semperflorens F1

Senator is the bronze leaf counterpart to the green leaf Ambassador Begonia series, with a beautiful contrast between flower and foliage. Sakata’s breeding experience and dedication to quality genetics is exemplified in Senator and Ambassador. These series have been proved to be excellent weather resistant performers. They grow well as a bedding plant in full or part sun and are very heat and drought tolerant. New White Improved heralds the Next Generation of Senator with even darker bonze foliage and larger flowers for outstanding contrast.

  • A proven pack performer with compact habit
  • Free flowering with wide colour range
  • Excellent uniformity, matching perfectly with Ambassador
  • Continuous flowering, even under hot, humid conditions
i20 cm
g20 cm
bBedding Plants
dHalf shade + full sun
f70,000/gram (normal seed)
hNormal, pellet
sPack, pot 9-10.5 cm