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Begonia tuberhybrida F1

Fortune is the ultimate tuberhybrida for fast and high density cultivation, minimal shrinkage at retail and a great garden performance. Large, showy flowers bloom well above the foliage for maximum impact. Within the series, specially selected ‘Quick and Compact’ colours offer the fastest, best matched colours of all.

  • Spectacular double flowers in beautiful colours
  • Rich and free flowering habit with shorter, stronger flower stems
  • About 10 days earlier in flower than competative series: Sow later and save costs
  • Naturally compact (chemical growth regulation not required)
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Eye-catcher at retail
cBedding + mixed combo
i30 cm
g20 cm
bBedding Plants
dHalf shade + full sun
f50,000/gram (normal seed)
hNormal, pellet
s10.5-12 cm