4th February 2016

IPM Great Succes!

Colourful Majorette Brightening Sakata Booth

The newly introduced Gerbera Majorette series was shining at the IPM. This colourful performer was a true eye-catcher and attracted a lot of visitors to the Sakata booth. The USPs of Majorette were clearly visible: its large striking flowers, its uniformity and its good flower follow up made Majorette look perfect. Majorette is ready to parade!

Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner: Begonia Senator iQ Rose Bicolour

Sakata was proud to show Begonia Senator iQ Rose Bicolour at the IPM. The bronze leafed improved Senator Begonia, received a Fleuroselect Gold Medal for its innovative Rose Bicolour flowers, and its overall performance. Senator iQ Rose Bicolour will be part of Sakata's upgraded Senator iQ series, where iQ stands for better flowering, improved habit, and darker leaf colour. Senator iQ Rose Bicolour will be heavily promoted by Fleuroselect in the coming year. Therefore this Gold Medal winner was also on display at the Fleuroselect stand at the IPM, and an extensive article was published in Taspo magazine.

SunPatiens on Tour!

SunPatiens were on show at the Sakata booth, as well as at the G&V Creative Centre. This striking SunPatiens display highlighted the expanded use of SunPatiens throughout Europe over the last 10 years. Since its introduction in 2006, SunPatiens taken root. So, wherever you go in Europe, you will find SunPatiens! The benefits of SunPatiens and its broad use were also highlighted in a new promotional video made by Taspo during the IPM.

The IPM was also the perfect moment to promote the new SunPatiens website, which recently went online. On the new European SunPatiens website you can find the Compact and Vigorous series, lots of images, marketing material and an overview of SunPatiens distributors. Have you already taken a look? www.sunpatiens.eu