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Senator iQ

Begonia semperflorens F1

NEW SERIES - Senator is the bronze leaf counterpart to the green leaf Ambassador Begonia series, with a beautiful contrast between flower and foliage. Sakata's breeding experience and dedication to quality genetics is exemplified in Senator and Ambassador, and in line with this we are upgrading the Senator series to a complete new level: Senator iQ. Genetics in series marked with the symbol iQ are more than just 'improved'. This symbol indicates a complete upgrade across all characteristics in a series. Senator varieties marked with the iQ symbol have darker bronze foliage, are non-stretching in the pack/pot and have a more uniform early flowering habit. Fleuroselect judges awarded Senator iQ Rose Bicolour a 2017 Fleuroselect Gold Medal.

  • Darker bronze foliage
  • Non-stretching in the pot/pack
  • Early flowering
  • More uniform habit
  • Rose Bicolour: Fleuroselect 2017 Gold Medal Winner
i20 cm
g20 cm
bBedding Plants
dHalf shade + full sun
f70,000/gram (normal seed)
hNormal, pellet
sPack, pot 9-10.5 cm